Stressed-out parents can be hazardous to their children’s health. But David Code’s book, “Kids Pick Up on Everything” offers a surprising solution: to raise healthy kids, parents need a glass of wine, a friend, and a Spanish plaza to go socialize in every evening!

Being stressed out is The New Normal for parents, and the surprising cause of our increased stress is social isolation—NOT our jobs, or technology. Code argues that humans are social animals, with a primal need to bond and to belong. Socializing reduces stress, so the best gift you can give your children is to build community. Here’s how:

1) Keep the Sabbath, even if you’re not religious. We’ll never catch-up on our
To-Do List anyway, so taking one day a week without work, logistics, or errands leaves you with nothing else to do but…socialize and have fun!

2) Exercise daily with your spouse. Exercise is a stress-buster and spending time on your marriage has a ripple-effect through your family;

3) Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Enjoy that lunch special at the local restaurant, or eat a sandwich in the park. Taking a break from the stress of your workplace helps you return refreshed and more creative.

After his gay brother died of AIDS and his father died of cancer, David entered the ministry as an Episcopal priest. Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience and his study of families around the world, David’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, “Parenting” Magazine, CBS News, Fox News, and he also was awarded Book of the Year (bronze).

David studied at Yale, Princeton and the Georgetown Family Center (formerly part of Georgetown Medical School). He has over five years of supervised experience as a pastoral counselor, a hospital chaplain, and a hospice volunteer.

Born on a farm in Canada, David has stayed with families in fifteen countries across four continents, and learned Japanese, Russian and French.
He lives in Palo Alto, CA with his wife of 17 years (who works at Stanford) and their two teenage children.

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–Story Consultant for “Saturday Night Live” (”Japanese Game Show” sketch with Mike Myers, Chris Farley, and Alec Baldwin);

–Consultant Experience with CNN, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, and McCann-Erickson;

–Member of The Whiffenpoofs of Yale;

–Traveled to over 75 countries;

–Married for seventeen years and the father of two children.