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The Rampone Family“Thanks to David’s coaching, the buck stops here: now we can pass on less of our baggage to our kids… We can offer our children a legacy of direction, purpose, and clarity.”

— Chuck & Bonnie Rampone, Old Field, NY

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The Evidence: Parents’ Stress Impacts Kids’ Health

Endorsements from Harvard, McGill, and Hebrew U. Med Schools

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Ron Roel“Stress has become a pervasive problem for couples struggling to balance the hectic lives of their kids with their own demanding jobs. David Code provides powerful preventive medicine that ‘inoculates’ spouses who are currently doing well, but can benefit from his family-strengthening advice.”

— Ron Roel, Former Editor of “Newsday”

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How To Stay Married and Raise Great Kids There are four, involuntary behaviors that currently run your life (and your marriage). The bad news is, you're only aware of one of them. It's as if your marriage is flying straight toward a mountain, but the controls are locked on "auto-pilot."

Take Back Control and Avoid the Crash.

How To Handle Stress Every day we waste time and energy on politics in the office and drama at home. Stress chokes the life out of our career and our family. The good news is, we can learn to control the "Cave Man" part of our brains that causes us to overreact.

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